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An information resource on vascular surgery and conditions managed by vascular surgeons

Venous diseases

Varicose veins - general information
Varicose vein injections - sclerotherapy
Varicose vein - surgery
Endovenous therapy - RFA and EVLT
Deep venous thrombosis
Chronic venous insufficiency and leg ulcers
Chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI) and multiple sclerosis

Arterial disease

Aortic aneurysms
Aortic aneurysm screening
Popliteal aneurysms
Strokes, TIAs and carotid surgery
Asymptomatic carotid disease
Bypass surgery
Intermittent claudication
Amputation surgery

General vascular disease

Hardening of the arteries
Assessment and tests in vascular disease
Angiograms and angioplasty
Vascular access in renal failure
Moist wound healing


A general search of the internet for vascular surgery will bring up hundreds of sites and the quality of information can be variable (Soot LC et al).  I have linked only sites with significant information content on vascular conditions. Links to other sites vary from academic summaries of available treatments to commercial sites with useful information. Site listing does not constitute an endorsement and I am not responsible for content or privacy policies on other sites.

General Medical/Surgical Links
New Plymouth/NZ links


Soot SC, Moneta GL, Edwards JM. Vascular surgery and the internet: a poor source of patient-oriented information. J Vasc Surg 1999; 30: 84-91.

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